The Baobab, millennium symbol of longevity and power, is a source of vital energy with unique nutritious and curative properties.

BaobabLife ®

health mix, rich in fibers, prebiotics and antioxidants...

The pulp of Baobab fruit, base of the BaobabLife ®, contains organic fibers, necessary to regular intestinal transit. Prebiotic Inulin supports a healthy intestinal flora, regulates and modulates bowel activity.

BaobabLife ® is also an appetite regulator: Glucomannas Conjac, a natural appetite suppressor, gives the feeling of satiety and reduces hunger. Antioxidants, contained in the fruits of Baobab and Acerola, help to fight against free radicals and to keep a good physical condition.
The Baobab, legendary Tree of Life...

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BaobabLife ®

  • restores and strengthens the intestinal flora (prebiotic Inulin)
  • regulates transit intestinal (Baobab Fruit Pulp’s natural fibers)
  • reduces the appetite, (Konjac Glucomannan - natural appetite suppressor)
  • tonifies (high content of Vitamin C in Acerola and Baobab fruits)
  • strengthens the immune system and assures the elimination of toxins (Cranberry’s extract)
  • produces the antioxidant effect (Baobab Pulp properties and natural antioxidants Acerola and Cranberry).
A daily consumption of BaobabLife ® regulates the metabolism, assures the good functioning of the digestive system, restores the intestinal flora, augments immunity, helps to maintain a good physical condition and improves general well-being.

More efficient in combination with a healthy way of life, regular physical efforts and balanced nutrition.

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Baobab Fruit Pulp*, Konjac glucomannans, Fructo-oligosaccharides, Pectin (dextrose), Inulin, Acerola Berry Extract (maltodextrine) enriched in vitamin C, Cranberry Juice Powder (maltodextrin), Citrus Fruit flavor, sucralose, acesulfame potassium.

* Ingredients produced by organic farming.
cholesterol free – sugar free – parabens free – fruit natural flavor
Directions for use :

2 teaspoons of BaobabLife ® powder to dissolve in a glass of water per day.